UPS – Fight Data Loss on your NAS

May 1, 2011


UPS? When most folks hear “UPS” they think, “Go Brown”, well this take isn’t package delivery, and in our case “brown” means “brownout.” The key to fighting data loss during a brown/black out is using a UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply with your NAS.  Unlike laptops that automatically switch to their built-in battery during power loss, your Synology […]

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Setting up hard drives and booting your NAS

April 29, 2011


So you’re ready to slap those hard drives in your Synology and get going? There are basically 2 steps: Install the hard drives into the NAS – Approximately 20 minutes Format the hard drives in the NAS – Approximately 2 hours per terabyte Yeah, step 2 is a joy kill, but at least you can […]

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Unboxing of Synology DS411j DiskStation

April 24, 2011


Delivery: Well the big day is here!  Amazon’s Prime delivery option delivered it within 2 days as promised.  While it’s weird to see someone’s personal car pull up and do much of the 2 day Prime delivery (Amazon uses OnTrac for the western states); I did appreciate the loving care they gave the package. I […]

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Choosing the hard drives…

April 22, 2011


Solving Life’s Storage Issues The next important buying decision after choosing the NAS, is what hard drives to purchase.  Hard drives are pretty standardized these days.  You basically have two sizes, laptop 2.5″ and desktop 3.5″  Fortunately the Synology DS411j can take both types, but best bang for the byte you’ll be looking at 3.5″ […]

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Choosing a Synology NAS Model…

April 20, 2011


choose verb /CHo͞oz/ chooses, 3rd person singular present; choosing, present participle; Pick out or select (someone or something) as being the best or most appropriate of two or more alternatives Decide on a course of action, typically after rejecting alternatives Now that I had settled on Synology as the brand of NAS that I wanted to put […]

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Deciding on which NAS works best with Macs…

April 14, 2011


The decision to look into the best Macintosh Network Attached Storage device came after realizing that adding more hard drives to our Airport Extreme was not going to work.  I needed a reliable server appliance that could host all our music, movies, photos, home movies and still manage our Mac & PC backups with a high degree […]

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Airport Extreme lives up to it’s name…

April 8, 2011


My Airport Extreme home network started to act like Chicago O’Hare on a bad weather day with TSA security alerts, except it was happening every day. Data traffic grinding to a halt queued up for Time Machine backups that were no longer going back in time, AirPlay stuttering of videos on our TV to the […]

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