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Converting your DVD library to iTunes

June 30, 2012


DVDs are Dead.  Long Live The King. The concept of a disc as the vehicle for watching content is dead.  My kids prefer to stream movies to the iPads or Airplay them to the big screen.  That said we still have a large library of old DVDs.  While the movie industry isn’t excited about users […]

Setting up Time Machine Support on Synology

April 15, 2012


We’re sending you back to the future Well this might take a few versions.  I feel like I’ve travelled down this road a few times before in search of the right solution all while trying to avoid previous failed attempts.  My apologies.  This post was supposed to go live way back last year, but I […]

Time Machine Backups on Apple Hardware is a Paradox

April 13, 2012


What is Time Machine? You’ve got to give it to Apple and their wonderful ability to make something as mundane and dreaded as backing up your computer through an archaic interface and turn it into a very cool sexy feature that is actually fairly easy to setup and a joy to use!  Time Machine is […]

Deciding on which NAS works best with Macs…

April 14, 2011


The decision to look into the best Macintosh Network Attached Storage device came after realizing that adding more hard drives to our Airport Extreme was not going to work.  I needed a reliable server appliance that could host all our music, movies, photos, home movies and still manage our Mac & PC backups with a high degree […]

Airport Extreme lives up to it’s name…

April 8, 2011


My Airport Extreme home network started to act like Chicago O’Hare on a bad weather day with TSA security alerts, except it was happening every day. Data traffic grinding to a halt queued up for Time Machine backups that were no longer going back in time, AirPlay stuttering of videos on our TV to the […]