Converting your DVD library to iTunes

June 30, 2012


DVDs are Dead.  Long Live The King. The concept of a disc as the vehicle for watching content is dead.  My kids prefer to stream movies to the iPads or Airplay them to the big screen.  That said we still have a large library of old DVDs.  While the movie industry isn’t excited about users […]

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rSync when Time Machine fails

June 28, 2012


The Butterfly Effect or why Time Machine is bound to FAIL  such that Have you ever heard of the butterfly effect in regards to time travel?  Well despite your best intentions to go back in time to remedy something about your current situation you are usually doomed to failure because of butterflies. So I will […]

Setting up Time Machine Support on Synology

April 15, 2012


We’re sending you back to the future Well this might take a few versions.  I feel like I’ve travelled down this road a few times before in search of the right solution all while trying to avoid previous failed attempts.  My apologies.  This post was supposed to go live way back last year, but I […]

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Time Machine Backups on Apple Hardware is a Paradox

April 13, 2012


What is Time Machine? You’ve got to give it to Apple and their wonderful ability to make something as mundane and dreaded as backing up your computer through an archaic interface and turn it into a very cool sexy feature that is actually fairly easy to setup and a joy to use!  Time Machine is […]

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Hello World!…. Ok, what next?

May 23, 2011


Okay, so we finally have our Synology DiskStation NAS up and running!  Drives have been configured and tested.  UPS is setup.  Notifications are turned on.  We are all set to start using this big toaster box of a NAS to finally do something fun! So what can Synology do? I’m sure you have your own […]

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Replacing a failed hard drive

May 6, 2011


Did you discover your Synology beeping at you?  Did you get a SMS message on your phone or an email saying “Volume 1 on NASname is in degraded mode [3/4]”? Well then, you my friend are in need of this post… Dealing with a failed hard drive… Take a look at your NAS.  The Status […]

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NAS Notifications – the perils of setting up SMS and SMTP Email Gateways

May 3, 2011


Functionality vs Frustration Once of the things I liked about Synology is that for the most part it just works.  I like Synology’s simplified interface, but to be honest in the case of notifications I find that Synology’s clean simple interface without any help or default settings that would work is pretty much useless, and […]